It’s Cold Enough To Snow Out There…

But it ain’t gonna. Really cold “rain” though. Thick, like. Smile

Bored again. Watching “Invasion of the Bee Girls” and it is really bad. Not as bad as that one last night; but bad. Reminded me of a Bo Derrick movie: Not enough T&A to make it worth watching the whole thing. Smile with tongue out (You think I’m kidding!? Watch “Ghosts Can’t Do It” and tell me different.)



Piece on Yahoo News about “100 billion scary alien planets.” Wish I could go see them! I really was born a couple of hundred years too early. I want to stick around long enough to go out and explore the Galaxy. Won’ t happen but I can wish…

MC-ARC Wednesday Evening 2-meter Net went well last night. Got out and looked at the stars some more but it was just too cold to set up my telescope. Didn’t do much else.

Seems like Barnes & Noble may be going down the tubes. That would be bad! While I’ve heartily jumped into the electronic reader with both feet, I still enjoy hard copy every once-in-awhile. And I’d hate for Amazon to be the only place I could buy an e-book. I think I’d just download them from torrent sites before being forced to buy from Amazon. I’ve been saving up for a Nook HD cause I like being able to add more storage space for movies and stuff. Can’t add storage space to the Nexus 7 or others. Can’t afford anything from Apple and I don’t really like Apple anyway. I’ll probably wind up buying the Nook HD anyway and loading my own books and content on it myself. I don’t *need* an online store to get things!

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