Just Another Day In Paradise…

Well, at least the sun was out for most of today. Still too damned cold for me though. Hey, the days are getting longer anyway.

Devil Cat

Made a garbage run this morning. Took longer to scrape the ice off the windshield and warm the truck up than it did to make the dump run! Another $10 out of pocket. Ah well.


Went over to a friends house in Olalla and spent a couple of hours setting his laptop and new wireless printer up to access his network. That was fun! He paid me $40 (which I did not ask for) and gave me his old greenhouse frame. I think it just might fit on one of the raised bed gardens I put in for SWMBO…

Speaking of Networks: I *still* can’t get my Windows 7 laptop to see our MovieDrive. It still has no problem accessing the TVDrive. Can NOT figure this out and it’s starting to drive me nuts!!!

MC-ARC 2-meter net went fairly well tonight.

Dang, I must be bored! Watching “Invasion of the Star Creatures” and it HAS to be the stupidest “sci-fi” movie I’ve ever seen!


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