Damned Headaches!

I *HATE* waking up with a headache! I really do think it’s the change in the barometric pressure or somehow weather related ‘cause each time the weather changes I get one of these damned headaches! AAAaarrrrrggggghhhhh!


So, didn’t get a whole lot done today. Some laundry. Made Chicken Noodle soup for dinner cause SWMBO is having some chest congestion and I thought it might help. No, I know it won’t help clear up the actual congestion, but, when someone makes chicken noodle soup for you then you know they care. And maybe that makes you feel a bit better. Smile


OTT, not much going on. Pulled all the pictures out of an old (OLD) photo album of SWMBO’s so I can scan them. Not going to put them back; they’ll take up a lot less room in an envelope in a box. Get to do the same thing to a couple more albums.


Had a serious enquiry on the Digger that didn’t pan out. Guy lives in Vaughn (wherever that is) and messaged me that he found a Digger closer to home. Bummer. I don’t want to sell her but need to so we can pay off some of our bills and SWMBO won’t feel the pressure to work so much.

The other guy is coming over to pay for the Dump Truck tomorrow and figure out how large a trailer he’ll need to haul it off. That money will come in handy.

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