Got A New Monitor Today…

Friend had this 32/35” (I’m not real sure) widescreen monitor/tv sitting out in his garage so I bought it from him. $100. Not bad. Forgot the danged remote though. But we have plans to get together March 1st so I’ll get it then. Works good!


Just not much else going on. Spent the last couple of hours rearranging my desk and computer to have a place for the new monitor.

Made chicken over salad for dinner. Wasn’t too bad if I do say so myself.


SWMBO is talking to a company in Tyler, Tx about a telecommuting job since it turns out her present job ends this weekend. Her present company’s contract ends Sunday. Nice to get some warning! IF she takes this job for the company in Tyler she’ll have to go down there for a week. I’ve already contacted my Uncle Herman, who lives in Henderson (about 30 miles from Tyler) to see if he’d want guests for a week. That would be cool!

Just not much else going on around here. Mostly sunny but not warm(er) at all…

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