I’m Just Sick Of The Damned “News”…

that I read every day. Especially about what NObama and his cadre are doing. People hating each other. Fighting each other. The general population of America seeming to lack the common sense God gave a goose. Politicians that are supposed to be serving us serving themselves instead.

Heads up for our local NEWS channels: I don’t care! I don’t care what the widow of the cop killed 5 years ago is up to or how she’s managing. I don’t care about the hard time the guy that got beat up a year ago is going through. I just plain don’t care. Tell me what’s happening today locally and the important stuff from around the world. What will my weather be like over the next week (even though it’s all a guess anyway). I don’t care about the bus load of kittens that perished in a fire; did a person get hurt? If they did, tell me about it and move on to something else. Better than that, tell me if something “strange” started the damned fire so I can see if something like that is happening in my house. I don’t want to hear what the neighbors think (most of them don’t know anything anyway) NOR the crying faces of the victims; I don’t care.

Don’t tell me how bad things COULD have been; you bet they always could be worse. Were they? No? Then shut the hell up. Quit trying to get me “scared” by what COULD happen. Quit trying to always make things worse than they already are. Tell me, if North Korea develops A-Bombs & Missiles and wipes out Washington D.C., should we go to war with them or send them a thank you card? That’s the kind of important stuff I want to know.

You Politicians *NEED* to get your heads out of your asses and your hands out of OUR pockets. You’re *supposed* to be serving US, the people. Most of you aren’t.

You gun control freaks: Get a life. I wish I could be a fly on the wall that day when someone takes your life, that you might have saved just by not being so stupid. GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE! PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! I don’t hear any of you yelling for us to ban steak knives or cars.

Obama – Man Up! I gotta tell ya, Dude. You’re the very first POTUS that I wish some red-neck with a rifle *would* take out. And it’s NOT because you’re Black; it’s because you are the absolute worst President I’ve ever seen and I grew up with Nixon & Johnson. I have no idea why you hate this country so much; but I have just one things to say: Love My Country Or Leave It!

AAAaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! I’m sick and tired of the radical Muslims and their shitty violence mongering Prophet of doom! If Christians reacted the way they do to stuff they’d be all like “What? Cool out man!” Right now I hope each and every one of them just up and dies. Which is sad because 10-20 years ago I never gave them a thought either way. Live and let live was my philosophy. Not now; hate every one of them.


And you “Gays.” I wouldn’t feel the animosity I feel towards you if you weren’t shoving your lifestyle down my throat. I could honestly care less what two (or more) consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms; but don’t MAKE me accept a lifestyle I find wrong to my very core.

Same with you Atheists. Don’t believe in God? Fine. I don’t either. But I also don’t force everyone else to not believe and could care less if I see a sign promoting God or a Christmas (Yes, Christmas) decoration/diorama. Is it so hard to just ignore things? Not for me. As long as “religious” folks don’t force their beliefs on me I could care less what they believe. I even spent 20 years in the Military defending their right to believe.

I have never seen a more stupid people in my life as when I read what folks are getting upset about in the daily papers. I feel the IQ of the “average” American has dropped 40+ points over the last 25 years. Common Sense isn’t anymore either.

What’s the use…

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