My Tuesday So Far…

What fun!

No Animals Were Harmed In The Filming Of This Fire.

Busy doing this so I made chili-dogs & chips for dinner. Well, I didn’t actually *make* all that; more just assembled the components in the correct order, heated it and served it. Smile
Not much else going on. Rented “Taken 2” so my evening is planned. After the 1930 10-meter Net on 28.450 though…
LOTS of hoo-ha-ha about North Korea exploding their 3rd Atomic Bomb. News folks trying to raise fears by covering “What places could North Korea attack if they did?” Well, Duh. Does Washington D.C. mean anything to y’all? BUT, I would have mixed feelings if North Korea bombed D.C. and killed the POTUS and whoever. I mean, should we go to war; or send them a thank you card? I’d be hard pressed to choose.

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