SWMBO Was Sick Today…

So I pretty much stayed quiet so she could rest and recuperate. Even went out and got pizza so I wouldn’t bang pots and pans around cooking dinner.


Scanned some more of her pictures. Checked all my web sites for comments and guestbook entries. Read the News.


Guy came over and paid me for the Dump Truck and made measurements to see if it would fit on his trailer. He says it will so he’ll be over about 1000 tomorrow to haul it off. Hope he enjoys fixing it up! (I appreciate him buying it!)


Still need to get a new ignition switch for the Digger. Maybe tomorrow.

MC-ARC 10-meter Net went well tonight. Had 9 people check-in. Everybody was coming through pretty good. Antenna must have gotten wet…

It’s only 2100 but I think I’ll go lay down and read awhile.

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