Almost A Nice Day Out…

Sunny. Not really warm or anything; but sunny. Nice enough out for me to get off my lazy old-guy ass and change out the ignition switch on the Digger.

Took about 30 minutes cause the old ignition switch and the new switch are completely different on the ends. I got it figured out and didn’t burn the Digger up when I reconnected the battery; so that’s good. Started up and ran fine!

Running WinXP in Linux Mint 14 on my Win7 Machine

Spent the rest of the day on laundry and trying to get all the pictures I’ve scanned organized into the proper directories and somewhat in order. So far have most of my Navy Career done but still have a lot (LOT!) to do. Wondering if I should keep all the naked pictures of my Ex- or not. Smile (Just kidding! I’ll keep them!)

MCARC 2-meter net went well tonight. Had 9 check-ins and most everyone came through pretty good. Heck, if I get much more experience at this I’ll have to find a job as a DJ somewhere!

Calico Ghost Town in California

Right now I’m watching “The Avengers” and just waiting until it’s late enough to just go lay down and read until I fall asleep. I don’t know what it is, but, lately I’ve had the urge to read more than anything else. Since 01 Jan I think I’ve read 17 books. I love to read! Grew up reading. Mom swore I started reading 1st grade books when I was three. (Sometimes I even like to Study!) Decided that when I die, I want to go to Pern.

Kinda missing my kids right now too. All of them are adults but none have the balls to defy their mother and get back in contact with me. Ah well. That’s another long story for another day.


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