Had Trouble Sleeping Last Night…

I don’t know why. I’ve cut down my intake of caffeine during the day but that doesn’t seem to be the problem. Just could not get comfortable in bed. Even tried sleeping in one of our chairs in the tv room. Finally passed out about 0230 or so. Woke up this AM long enough to turn the alarm off; then laid back down until 0800.

Remember Her? If You Do You're Old!

Nate is coming over this afternoon to look the Digger over. Got out and pressure washed her and greased her up. Hadn’t realized that she’s starting to look a bit rusty in places; but I couldn’t afford to get her repainted anyway. Hmmm…

More later. Gotta eat some breakfast before I faint.

Ok, it’s much later in the day. A couple called and asked to look at the MILA today; so they came over and had a look. Seemed like friendly folks. He likes gardening and wants to get into Ham Radio. They both are readers also. This could work out…

Same movie

Nate came over and took a test drive/dig on the Digger and decided to buy it. Gave me enough to hold it for him so I’ll have to take down the ad on Craig’s List. Cool. I really (really!) hate to sell my digger but we absolutely need the money right now. But I know that, as he’s loading the Digger up n his trailer, I’ll be fighting back the tears. And as they pull off I’ll be running down the driveway screaming “MY BABY! MY BABY! COME BACK. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR MONEY JUST BRING MY BABY BACKL!!!” Smile  I will miss her though.

Anyway, SWMBO is making dinner tonight. Sauerbraten. Toledo style. Yummy.

MCARC Chat Net @ 1930 tonight.


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