ALMOST A Lazy Day…

About the only thing I did was get down in the basement and framed in a couple of walls for a room. That took only about an hour or so. Did a nice job of it if I do say so myself. I am getting OLD though!


Other than that just not much going on for a Saturday. Dog and I went for a couple of walks but it tried sprinkling on us both times so we’ve stayed in most of the day. Too wet and windy to go for a “flight.”

Didn’t get my stand for the Nexus 7 either today. Checked on it yesterday and found it checked into Auburn so I thought it might get here today. Oh well.


The repair parts for the Drone will be a long time coming. Middle to the end of next month. Bummer!

It was SWMBO’s week to join a cleaning crew at the Church, and she wasn’t sure how many other folks would show up, so I volunteered to go and help her. Good thing I did! Nobody else showed up. Luckily all we were assigned to clean was the heads. Easy Peasy.


And that’s all from our neck of the woods!

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