It’s A Pretty Normal Tuesday…

Meaning I ain’t done shit! Well, that’s not really true. I have done some laundry and cooked Fried Chicken for dinner.

Kind of breezy out (and cool) so I only got out a couple of times to fly the Drone around. Getting better; only hit one tree this time!

MCARC 10-meter Chat Net @ 1930 tonight.

Playing with the Nexus 7. I pretty much like it. Been reading my books on it when I go to bed and it’s kind of nice not having to turn the light on. It seems as good as SWMBO’s Nook for that. It pretty much does everything you’d expect a tablet/pad to do. I even subscribed to Popular Science on it! Cool.

Had to get an App (Skifta) to access my tv/movie drives on the network; but it works great. So I could watch a movie if I was of a mind. Firefox is finally working right. Seemingly. Now if only I could figure a way for it to run my Ham Radio!

The only real “complaint” I have about it is that the Wi-fi just does not seem to have the distance/strength that I need to fly the Drone around. Get it around the edge of the house and it looses the signal. Same if it gets more than a couple of hundred feet away even in a straight, unblocked line. Think I’ll try it on my HTC phone tomorrow and see if it works any better. Otherwise I’m going to have to figure out how to boost the signal around the property. Maybe I can light up the neighborhood!

And it’s sometimes a pain not to have Flash. Oh, and it won’t play some of the .avi files I ripped my movies to. Hasn’t had any problems with .mp4 files so far. Good thing I was re-ripping my movies to .mp4 anyway…

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