Monday. Monday. So Good To Me…

Well, any day that one wakes is a good day! Smile

Unfortunately, not much but regular SSDD type stuff going on. Did manage to get out for a couple of flights when it wasn’t raining. But it really didn’t rain much.

Laurie Lane

Speaking of which: spent a lot of time online today looking up ways to extend the Wi-Fi range on this thing and prolong battery life. Prolonging battery life is the EASY part; just buy “bigger” batteries. Extending the Wi-Fi range involves a whole lot more! Including getting to the motherboard and soldering. But, I don’t think it’s anything I can’t handle and there’s a nice antenna package for the drone for $15 at this one site. Hmmm…

Bonnie Parker

SWMBO had lunch with the girls today so I don’t have to cook dinner. Will probably make myself one of those frozen pizza’s we have in the freezer.

Watching CNN about those explosions in Boston. The “talking heads” (which we couldn’t see, thankfully) piss me off. Hey, let’s state the obvious! Hey, let’s state some wild theories. Hey, let’s show just how stupid we are and speculate about what *could* have happened. The on-scene “reporters” aren’t any better. I wish, just once, they’d come on and just tell us the facts then shut the hell up!

Now they’re saying it was a Terrorist action/attack. Even Senator Diane Feinstein says so. Why, hell, I guess it’s true if she says it! Quick, we’d better outlaw Terrorists. (Oh, wait. We already did. Sure stopped this from happening, didn’t it.)

I do feel sympathy for the victims & their families and hope we catch the sneaky bastards that set off those bombs.

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