Someone Keeps Trying To Hack Me!

Thank goodness I keep my site pretty well locked down!


This time seems to be from Dallas. Last couple of times has shown a map of various part of China. What pisses me off is that I’m “just a guy”, no one special, and these dickwads still try to hack my site.

Not much going on for Sunday. Got windier than heck out today! Hasn’t rained any but the wind is pretty strong. Sun feels good when the wind isn’t blowing. Did I mention that it got pretty windy today?

Bought this case for the Nexus 7. Works great!

Other than that; Nada. Made fish & baked sweet taters for dinner (added Peas) and did a couple loads of laundry. Swapped the sheets on the bed. Watched the first Resident Evil movie and flew from Seatac to somewhere in Oregon before I had to emergently land.

Tarzan & His Mate. 1934

Normal Sunday Stuff! MCARC 2-meter chat net in just over an hour.

Forgot to post this. Dang! Net went almost well tonight. Lots of interference for some reason.

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