Holy Crap! It’s After 1900…

And I haven’t even started this yet. Although I just did. I think.

Still not much going on around here. Nice Wx day again. Got up to around 90 degrees and I was just loving it. It’s cooled down to 82 degrees right now so SWMBO is a bit happier with that.

I Want To Vacation Here!

Went for walks. Did a couple of “flights” and didn’t hit anything. Got up on the roof and took my 2-meter antenna down, replaced the coax with some better coax, put the antenna back up and haven’t been able to contact anyone for a radio check even though I do trip the repeater. Will try again later.

Really looking forward to the new Star Trek Movie!

Speaking of radio: started checking sites for RV rentals for “Field Day” this year. Expensive! I’ll probably wind up using my 2-man tent and the truck. That should do me. Will be even better when SWMBO shows up! I’ll probably be doing the PSK-31 thing again.

Looking up game controllers for the Nexus 7. Confusing! All I want is to be able to control my Drone better.

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