Pretty Normal Wednesday. So Far…

SWMBO took the truck for her class in Port Orchard today. I don’t know why since our son didn’t work today and her car was here. Was gonna make a dump run but will now have to do it some other day.

I'd Love To Have A Radio Shack Like This!

So I gathered all the burnables and burned them. Dishes. Finished off the laundry. Sat outside for awhile. (Too cool for me again today.) Updated the quotes you can see at the right. Killed all the spam entries on my Gallery guestbook (then killed the guestbook altogether. Thanks, Spammers! It’s a shame that “regular” people can’t have a nice site because of the spammers & hackers. Why they have to pick on the “little guys” is beyond me).

Tarzan & His Mate

BTW, did y’all thank Congress for making shopping online more expensive with their “Internet Tax Fairness” act? Thanks, Congress. Is there anything that isn’t “taxed” these days? Hell, one state (back East, thank God) is even going to tax folks for the RAIN that falls out of the sky onto their property.

Yes, I used the “G” word. Sue me! (I could have used the “A” word, but since I consider that particular Prophet a tin-plated Dick who only has followers because their “religion” allows them to abuse women & children (and blow people up), I didn’t.)

Dang! I Miss The Beach Sometimes!

I need a tower for my radio antenna! The noise level has gotten so bad I just cannot hear the rest of the 10-meter net on Tuesday evenings. Oh, no problem talking to someone in another state, but just try hearing someone in Shelton (a mere 25 miles away). It ain’t happening.

MCARC 2-meter Chat Net didn’t go worth beans tonight. Repeater sounds like it’s going TU. KF7VWA and I were well able to simplex. I recorded it to let the guys hear what I’m hearing at the meeting Saturday. We need to buy a NEW repeater! This one is costing too much just to keep running for a lousy job.

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