Yep. A Fairly Normal Saturday…

What did you expect? Heavenly trumps and Angelic Visitations? Ain’t happening around here.

I did make a trip to the smoke shop at the Silverdale Mall. Got what I needed then made one circuit of the mall before heading back. Nice drive. Had to spend $50 to fill my tank though. That $.70/gal discount can really come in handy!

Fright Night (1985)

Kind of raining/sprinkling off and on so we haven’t been outside long. Did manage to get some more deer fence up and the bottoms tied down but Poop Dog and I had to take our walk in the wet. He likes it.


Just not much else going on. I think I need a new motor for one of the rotors on my Drone. It tries to take off and flips over the same way every time. Watching it you can see the rotor slowing down to about half speed. Damn! Something else to spend money on.


SWMBO took our son to Home Depot to buy some flooring for the room we’re making him. Then they stopped at Safeway on the way home. Now we’re all in our various spaces doing what we do in those spaces. Nice having a big house!!!

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