Not Quite A “Slow” Day…

But not exactly busy either. Mostly getting the last minute stuff packed or cleaned up for the trip. SWMBO is running her ass off trying to get her quilting thing done and passed on to whoever is going to be in charge of it until we get back.


My new Boefeng UV-5R+ came today and I’ve been playing with that trying to learn how to set it. Danged programming cable will not connect to either of my computers! Driver error’s on both desktop and laptop. I’ll still be taking it along to play with and try to get working.


Dang thing is small! About 2 thirds the size of the Wouxun. Using the internal menu’s to set things isn’t hard; you just can’t save “channels” unless you use a program on your computer. That Sux!

Gonna try to get to bed a bit early tonight so I can get up at zero-dark-thirty and we can get started. I don’t think that’ll work but I’ll try. Ah well.

SWMBO went and got the Chinese dinner at Safeway so I didn’t have to mess up too many dishes. Nice of her!

Time to put it all in the truck! Wish me luck!

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