It’s Another Frantic Sunday!

Well, not really frantic. Nor even hectic.Nor even particularly busy. I’d have to go for exceptionally lazy. Or pretty lazy. But exceptionally lazy sounds about right also.

Did manage to get out and water the garden a couple of times. Gardens Need watering.

Are you in tears yet?

Thinking of something like this for the next time we take a trip of any duration:


At least we’d be able to save a few bucks by staying at camp grounds. Or maybe the full travel trailer? We’re not sure yet. If we went very much larger we’d have to buy a new truck to haul it around; which we can’t afford as neither of us is working right now. (Not that we can afford to buy a travel trailer right now either! Just thinking about the future…)

But, the trip we just made (Belfair, Wa to Oregon, Oh to SLC, UT to Belfair, Wa) convinced us we would use a “camper” while on the road. A couple of times it would have been nice to pull over and catch a couple of hours sleep without having to rent a room.


Did get my 6-btv antenna reassembled and put up. Tried using the Baofeng program to program that new baofeng radio I got just before we left on vacation. Danged thing read the settings once then wouldn’t let me program it. Could change all the other settings but would not communicate with the radio to save the new frequency settings. So I learned to program it manually. Note for all you baofeng owners out there: You HAVE to delete a saved “channel” before you can save your new frequency to that ‘channel.” Just thought you’d want to know.

I'd Rather Be At The Beach Today!

Nice day out. 80+ degrees. Too bad I have neighbors…

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