Nice, Warm, Sunny Day Out!

Unfortunately, I spent most of it inside. Except for me and the dog going for a couple of walks and watering the garden a couple of times, that is.

Spent most of the day scanning my Father-In-Laws negatives and finally got those done. Now to put everything on a disc and send them to him. Lots of pictures of trains and layouts! Hope he appreciates them.


Just not much else going on. Spent a couple of hours going through the job listings for this area (Belfair to Tacoma and beyond) I really have no desire to drive to Tacoma, North of Tacoma or Olympia unless I really have to. It’s going to have to be one high paying job for me to take on that commute! I’d rather take a low paying local job any day.

Actually, I’ve been out of work so long I haven’t any desire to go back to work at all. Not that I’m having too much fun or anything hanging around the house. But the “work” I do around the house is important and there’s a lot that won’t get done (in a timely manner) if I were to have to commute to a job and back every day. Mixed feelings about working “for” someone also. I’m at that age that the BS gets to me and I just want to wade through it to the meat of the matter.


But I do kinda sorta need to get back to work. Any company’s out there need an OLDER IT guy that knows Windows (3.1 thru 7) and is learning Linux?

I need to save up and buy myself a new laptop to run my radio. The one I have is going TU more and more. Damned USB ports are burning out or just plain failing. DVD drive already doesn’t work and it’s almost as expensive to buy a new one as it is to just buy another laptop.

I need to save up and buy SWMBO a new laptop also; since she broke her screen on our vacation. (Tried to close a mouse in it.) We bought her an external monitor but that’s going to be a real pain to lug around when she needs to go mobile.


I need to win the lotto. $300 Million (clear) would do me just about right. There’s some property in Oregon I want to buy and a house I want to build from scratch to see how much it would cost “the average person” to build a totally energy efficient house using solar/wind/geothermal power. Hell, I’d like to try one of those fuel cells to power my house.

Ah well…

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