Nice Warm Sunny Day! Wow!

I Like it! Too bad I didn’t get that much of a chance to just get out in it. Other than watering the garden, that is. Did manage to “lay out” awhile but not for long.


SWMBO took me and the Son to the all-you-can-eat Chinese place in Port Orchard for lunch. Which will probably last through dinner time. It was good and the company was great!

Then we stopped at Wal-Mart’s and picked up an external 3TB hard drive for me to back a lot of things up to and free up space on my computer. Funny, I have 5TB of space built in to my computer and I’m running out of room with all the “stuff” I’m doing. I remember when my first 40mb drive ($400) seemed HUGE! Hell, an episode of CSI at decent resolution is 900mb.


Our Son loaded all our old TV’s, monitor’s and computer cases into the truck and is dropping them off at the recycler’s. Freed up a lot of space around here!!! Got every one out but the big TV in the library. (It’s almost gone TU so it’ll be on the list soon.) Nice of him to do that.

Not much else going on. Don’t have to make dinner since we ate out today. Think I’ll strip down and go lay out awhile…

And, again, got tired or busy or just plain had a senior moment and forgot to post. Damn!

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