Yep. Pretty Much SSDD Around Here.

But it was warm (and slightly muggy) and partially sunny out. Enough that I got out an watered the garden a couple of times. Which I’d have done anyway unless it was raining fairly hard. Thunderstorms predicted for this evening but I doubt it’ll happen.

MCARC 10-meter net went well. Heard everybody that checked in. Just four of us tonight. Guess everyone else was busy out someplace enjoying the weather.

Got lazy and watched “Invisible Invaders.” Talk about a ‘B’ grade movie! It was even worse than “Frogs!”


Then I kind of half-way watched “Journey To The Seventh Planet.” John Agar was the only one who’s lips moved in English! It was pretty bad too. Even the half naked girls didn’t do anything for the movie. Ah well…


Other than that just not much going on. SWMBO is off to a Relief Society Quilting Dinner to try to get a quilt done for one of the sisters that’s ill. Son is down in his room doing heaven only knows what. I’m getting ready to get some ice cream.

I’d rather be at the beach…

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