Almost A Fairly Normal Thursday

Meaning I pretty much did what I usually do: dishes, dinner, laundry, straightened up my room. It was cloudy, and sometimes rainy, so we (the dog and I) couldn’t get outside much but we managed a short walk.

We really kind of need the rain right now. We’ll have too much later this year!

Made meatloaf, mashed taters and mixed veggies for dinner as I felt like a “normal” American meal. Except that I put in a bit too much A1 Sauce on top of trying to season it with a package of Sloppy Joe mix. Smelled really great cooking and tasted pretty good also. Except for the bit too much A1 Sauce.

Not much else going on. Got down in the basement and took my table saw & saw table down so now you can walk through without being a contortionist or hurting yourself. Now I need to buy some plywood to start making shelves where I want them so I can neatly (yeah, sure) stow stuff after I’m done with a project. Gotta get rid of our son’s stuff that’s taking up half the damned basement. Still trying to convince him he doesn’t need that stuff and we can replace it if he ever moves out. (He’s stubborn though…)


Watching the tapes I made on the last WESTPAC of the USS Turner Joy (DD-951). Think I’ll convert and upload them to YouTube…

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