Been Rebuilding/Fixing This Blog…

For the past four hours! Wouldn’t let me post with Windows Live Writer and I finally started trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Never did find out but it looks like I got it fixed. All I had to do was completely uninstall then reinstall all the plugins and clean out parts of the database. What a pain in the butt!


It was a fairly nice day out so I got outside and finally picked up all the stuff that’s been laying around waiting for me to make a dump run. It’s all in the wagon waiting to go into the back of the truck the next time I go to the dump. At least I got it that far!

Made chicken noodle soup (with chunks of real chicken!) and cornbread muffins for dinner tonight. It was pretty good. SWMBO ate all of hers so it must have been good!

Just rained like the dickens for about 5 minutes a few minutes ago. Coming down hard. News guys says this is supposed to be a drier winter this year; but I don’t think so. I know something they don’t: I sold my digger. So this will be one of the wettest, snowiest, years on record. I just have that feeling.


Friend of ours is going to loan us his travel trailer/camper for our trip to the family reunion. Cool! He says we can go over it and make sure it’s working right next week and that I can bring it back here to “play” with it. Cool!

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