A-OK. Back On Track!

It’s Saturday. Definitely Saturday. Even though it felt kind of like our usual Friday it’s really Saturday. Lost a day there somewhere…

SWMBO and I went to Red Lobster for lunch. She said her selection of shrimp fettuccini stuff was good. The Crispy Fried Fish sandwich I had could have been better with less fish, add a slice of onion and use REAL (iceberg) lettuce. I was not impressed; but wanted to try something other then the Ultimate Feast or Admirals Platter that I usually get at Red Lobster.


Made our usual stop at Safeway on the way home. And that’s pretty much our day.

SWMBO did get a lot of the mowing done while I finished up the dishes from last night. She was mowing in the rain for a bit. Don’t get me started.


Just not much going on. It’s only 1715 and I’m already ready to go take a nap before going to bed. Feeling kind of tired all day even though I “slept in” for an extra hour this morning. Had a couple of minor pains in my chest earlier but they felt like stretching old muscles (you know, intercostal pain) and didn’t have any shortness of breath or anything so I’m not worrying about it. Still, I’ve know several guys that have laid down for a nap and never got back up. I’m about that age now. Ah well.

And that’s about it. Wasted a bit of time in MSFX flying around Norway. My Ass is getting sore from sitting here. Think I’ll go sit in SWMBO’s room and bug her!

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