Fairly Regular Thursday So Far…

But it’s only 0830.

My blog crashed last night for some unknown reason. Spent a couple of hours trying to get it back up. Finally wound up deleting then re-uploading all the files. Good thing I know how to do that kind of stuff! All this happened after I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. Hmmm… Problems started with me suddenly not being able to upload pictures. Well, we’re about to find out if I fixed that!


Decided to just kill my Gallery. What with all the room I have online at Flickr (1TB) and Google (Picassa), and even my SkyDrive, there really is no reason to maintain my own. Will free up a lot of space on my server. Hell, I’d probably kill my whole site if I could get all my e-mail contacts to switch over to my gmail address. I really only blog now; wordpress & blogger work just fine for that. Getting SWMBO to switch her e-mail over to gmail would be the hard part! (She’d de-ball me first!)


Supposed to be sorta nice today until it starts to rain this afternoon. Would love to have at least one more nice Wx day! I should have finished painting the deck railings yesterday but it was so nice out I found other things to do. (Turned out to Not be quite nice enough to stay outside today. Bummer.)

Not Tonight

I just realized! It’s Freaking Friday! All day I’ve been thinking it was Thursday. Where the Hell did my Thursday go?!?

Gotta go pick SWMBO up.

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