Damned Headache!

Still hanging on all day today. Spent a lot of time laying down and either shivering or not. Not sure what is causing this one; I’m fairly diligent about NOT eating any of my known “triggers” and I don’t remember any bright flashes of light (which sometimes causes a headache). I just don’t know. I’m really starting to think it’s the weather, or lack of. Maybe the high pressure area we’re under is trying to seep into my braincase.


Yawns are spread that way, you know. One person in a room full of people changes the air pressure by yawning, then everyone else has to yawn to equalize the pressure between their skulls and the surrounding atmosphere. It’s a vicious circle!

So, not much going on today. I even took the easy way out for dinner by making chili-mac for SWMBO. Normally, I think mixing my chili with anything is an abomination; so I used Nally’s. She noticed the difference but understood the reasoning.


Watching “The Two Doctors.” Ain’t making much sense so far but the “side kick” has nice cleavage.


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