Got Busy Yesterday…

And didn’t really feel like posting last night. Started out early cause I had to take SWMBO to the Ferry Terminal @ zero-dark-thirty (0630). Got back home about 0800 or so. Normal daily routine from there.

Fridge was in that blank space on the right.

Until I got off my old, fat, ass and tore apart the kitchen. Well, not the whole thing. Took the two storage cabinets out and put them in the corner in my room (which will be the “new” cabinet area for the kitchen). Then moved the fridge to that empty space. Removed the upper cabinet from where the fridge was and put them over where the fridge is now.


Then took everything off the book case I built for my room and moved it to where there is going to be a wall to see if I could live with that. I can. Then had to clean everything up and put everything back in place. Got most of that done.

Than had to pick SWMBO up and we didn’t get home until almost 2100 so I said “to hell with this” and chilled for the rest of the evening.

Busy day.

2013-10-09 15.00.33

Today has been pretty much SSDD. SWMBO took me to Taco Bell for dinner then we shopped at Albertson’s. Took the “back” way home and here we are.

Wish this headache would go away!

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