Kinda, Sorta Bu…Naw. Not Really.

Things are pretty much SSDD around here. Still working on removing the wall between the kitchen and my room. I’m sure glad there are no load bearing walls in this house. (Well, the upstairs part anyway.) Let me rephrase that: there are supposedly no load bearing walls upstairs. I guess we’ll find out!

Shredding Our Cheese

Just watched “Dr. Who – The Waters Of Mars.” Wow. Probably one of the better episodes I’ve ever seen.

Fried fish patties and veggies for dinner. In some ways I really HATE cooking for just myself. When I do it’s hard for me to make any of my “usual” stuff. (You know, a real healthy balanced meal.)

Need to leave @ 1800 and drop by the Vape Shop. Maybe 1815. They close at 1900 but I should be there in plenty of time. Then I’ll get down to the Ferry Landing, find a parking space, and watch the rest of “Battleship” until she shows up. Hope the Fog doesn’t delay her like last night!

Playing With My Phone Camera. Bored!

Decided I need to move “my room” into the big room for awhile. Making too much of a mess with the work in the kitchen and have more mess to make. And it’ll give me a chance to make my room like I want it when it’s time to move back. Lots of work moving all my stuff outta here and getting it set up in there!

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