Thoughts On Computers.

My neighbor just called me and asked me if he should buy a desktop or laptop computer. Well, Hell. “What you want to do with it?” was my first question. You see, he’s slightly computer illiterate. Naw, can’t really say that; he’s just plain out computer stupid. (But he tries!)

He wants to “check stuff out” on the Internet.


Dude! A Nexus 10 (or even a Nexus 7) would be just the thing to “check out” things on the Internet at about half the price of a decent laptop. More portable also. Maybe easier for him to use.

But then he says he wants a printer also to print “stuff” and pictures of his recently departed friend/dog, Sasha. Dude! Load those pics on a flash drive and take them to Wal-Mart for prints. That would be better than any print you can make on a printer you can afford. Probably cheaper in the long run.

So we talked for awhile about desktop vs laptop vs pad. He’ll probably go with a laptop (which is good) and a network/wireless printer. Of course, he’ll print his pictures and they won’t look “right” and wind up getting prints made anyway.

But, we’ll see.


Anywho, got the 3 new cabinets mounted (though I need to redo one of the screws) so tomorrow I should go to Home Depot and get 10 boxes of flooring to start that. Getting to where I just want the job done so I can start on something else. It’s a vicious circle, it is!

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