Ham Radio Really Hot Today!

But there is a CQ Contest going on. Still, I haven’t heard that many people on 10-12-15-17 Meters in a long time. Why don’t those people talk this much when there isn’t a contest going on? (Probably for the same reason(s) I don’t.)


MCARC meeting this morning went well. Had 13 people show up. Starting to worry about Ray (KE7PHU) since no one has really seen him since his stroke. We know he’s getting better but that’s about it. Maybe I ought to e-mail him…

Other than that just not much going on. Trying to get my room straightened up. Need my stud finder thingie so I can mount one of the cabinets but can’t find the danged thing.

Sister Missionaries came over for a visit. One of them got awfully pushy with me trying to get me to commit to different things. I think I very politely managed to get across that she should mind her own business. I guess that’s her job though; getting people to join the church and whatever. I’m just not interested. My Ex- made sure that I’d probably never be interested in “joining” any church. ‘Nuff said!

SWMBO made Ham, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and creamed Corn for dinner. Yummy! I ate all mine! Went back for seconds.

And that’s about it from the ol’ homestead. Just nothing going on around here and that’s the way we pretty much like it.

Missed the Gemenid meteor shower last night. Again. Too cloudy. Again. There are times I really hate living in Western WaRshington. Again.

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