Nope. Didn’t Post Yesterday.

Mostly cause not much happened; it was a pretty normal Sunday. Cold Outside. My usual laundry and stuff on the inside. Left-over Ham for dinner. Again. (But that’s okay cause I like Ham!)


Today was pretty much the same. Did manage to get one of the cabinets from the old kitchen mounted on the wall in my room. put a hole through the bottom of the cabinet we put the microwave on (for the electrical cord). Did some minor straightening up in my room.

You know; the usual shit. Yes, I know. I lead a very boring life. Highlight of my day is just waking up sometimes.

Speaking of waking up: I could NOT get to sleep last night. I was still up at 0300 and getting hungry. So I got out of bed and ate half a container of cottage cheese. Climbed back into bed at 0315 and made up my mind that if I was still awake at 0400 I’d just get up. Last time I saw the clock was 0347 until my alarm went off at 0730.


So I’ve felt pretty tired all day. I’ll get over it with a good nights sleep though.

Dog and I did get out for a walk around noon. Still too cold for me out there!

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