Too Normal Saturday!

Except for it being DAMNED cold. Got up to a whole 28 degrees this afternoon. Back down to 24 right now; but it’s only 1900 hrs.

SWMBO did her usual Genealogy Library. Then stopped by Winco Foods and Cash-n-Carry on her way home. Took us to dinner at Mickey D’s cause neither of us felt like cooking.

Our son helped me move my old desk downstairs to the basement. Straightened up around the house. Moving stuff off old IDE drives (I’ve been using for storage) onto my drive, getting it all straightened up for storage on an external drive. (Did that make sense? Probably only to another tech type person!)


Played with that Roku thingie again. Still can’t get it to work like I want. Think I’ll check in on how to return the damned thing and look for another of those HBO Box things. May wind up selling it on Craig’s List.

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