Another Rainy, Windy, Day.

And I mean it really rained and the wind howled around the house. Tore part of the antenna on the roof off. Bent the pole to the 2-meter antenna in the front yard. And it’s supposed to get windier tonight through tomorrow morning.


Wasn’t too bad when SWMBO and I took off for the all-you-can-eat Chinese place on Bethel Ave in Port Orchard for a late lunch/early supper. Was good and I ate way too damned much; as usual.

Then we stopped by and walked through Lowe’s Hardware looking at various things and making dreams for the house.

L'Annee.Des.Meduses.(1984)] 151391

Fire Trucks blocked our way on the “back way” home; a car went off the road and really smashed itself up in a ditch. Luckily we weren’t stopped very long.

And that’s it. Been home just relaxing and watching the early Doctor Who shows and being lazy.


I expect to continue doing so until bedtime…

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