Now It’s Tuesday! Now!

Not yesterday. On which I thought it was Tuesday all day long. I’m getting old. Which beats the alternative; but still not actually really great. Scientists have tested a drug that seems to actually reverse ageing in (I forgot what the Hell it was!); if they need to start Human trials on someone I volunteer! Use me! Don’t abuse me! Make me live longer!


Fairly normal Tuesday, so far. Our Renters kept me up until 0100 or so with their noise. Then they woke me up at 0700 with more noise so I just got up for the day. It was about time anyway.

And they finally paid their rent. Only 14 days late. So SWMBO and I made a trip to the “transfer station” to drop off our plastics (recycling), to the MCARC bank to drop off deposits, to our bank to deposit the renters check, the post office, and Safeway for milk and chips.

Then the headache started! So I laid down for awhile and that’s mostly been taken care of. SWMBO made a run to DQ for a couple of their $5 lunches so I wouldn’t have to worry about getting dinner ready. Thank goodness for that. (She’s such a sweetie!)

And that’s about it. Nothing exciting going on. Even the weather has chilled out enough that we were able to burn some of the trash today. Waiting on the MCARC 10-meter chat net @ 1930 and then I think I’ll be lazy the rest of the evening.

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