I Know It’s Monday.

I can tell. Even without looking at my Outlook calendar. It’s cold outside. It’s cloudy. There’s a chance of snow flurries. I’ve just been doing my regular chores around the house and a little bit of sanding on the pasting I did the other day. Netflix came in. Listened in on the radio a bit but didn’t make contact. Put in a mile on the treadmill.


Yep. It’s Monday alright. With SWMBO off to work it’s twice as Monday around here. Guess I’m too used to being able to walk into her room for smooches anytime I want during the day. Ah well.


Must be about time for a Big Bang Theory marathon.


Ok. SWMBO is home safe. I’m home safe. Cat’s fed and I chased the Dog around until I was tired. It’s time to hit the rack!

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