It Be Frakkin Cold Out There!

Yeah, I know. It warmed up to a whole 29 degrees today. Like to have froze my ass off when I went to check mail and I was in the damned truck! Maybe I’m just getting old and feeling the cold more; but I still feel that it’s damned cold out there. (I know much of the country is colder; good for them. I’m cold here.)


Not much else going on around here. The usual chores. Watching/listening to Doctor Who. Ignoring the cat. Picking fights with the Dog. Making myself some soup. (Something called “Jammin Jerk Chicken with Rice and Beans.”)


Watching the News: I can tell you. I’m sick and tired of paying for other people’s reproductive choices and don’t understand why I should. I don’t have any input (no pun intended) into whether you reproduce or not. To my way of thinking, if you decide to “make love,” you should pay for contraceptives if you want to use them. If YOU decide to have a baby, YOU ought to pay for it. Take some personal responsibility, folks!

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