Lots Of Wind Last Night

So much so that I feared for my antenna’s a couple of times. Supposed to be more rain and high winds today; but it hasn’t started yet. Flood watch for Mason County and heavy snow warnings for the mountains. We’ll see…


Cabinet folks showed up about 1000 this morning to finish the cabinets. At least, they say they should be done today. Hope SWMBO is home when the job is done for the final inspection. (She’s off singing in the Choir this morning.)

Got out and took my 6BTV antenna down and added guy-wires to the 2-meter antenna just in case the weather weenies got it right this time. With possible gusts to 50 mph I figured I’d rather be safe than sorry. Nothing to do about the multi-band fan-dipole on the roof; but it’s faired well in worse so I’m not really worried about it.

My nerves are totally freakin’ shot today. Damned renters started their bullshit @ 0300 this morning and kept me awake until almost 0430. I even yelled “What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?” once. (Scared SWMBO.) They shut up for about 8 minutes after that but started up again. So I need to get off my “I-really-don’t-like-confrontation” ass and deliver those pay or get out papers to them. Wish I could have the Sheriff do it.


Started moving things back into the kitchen and SWMBO even made me dinner (liver and onions!). It’ll be nice to get back to “normal” as far as the kitchen is concerned. Kitchen looks nice now. Should for what it cost to get done!

Looking outside it is getting really windy and wet! Seems no one has lost an antenna yet on the MCARC 2-meter Sunday Evening Chat Net. Everyone says it’s really wet and windy at their QTH though. I just watched my long wire antenna really dip towards the ground and the other one is really waving around! (Hope it doesn’t snap!)

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