What A Crack Up!

Listening to John & Tina work on the cabinets. Endless debates. Sharp comments. Endless “I Know, Tina!” They do seem to know what they’re doing though.

John Measuring

Putting together a “Three Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Vacate” letter for our tenants. I’ve finally had enough of their non/late payment of rent. We didn’t even have enough money in our account last night to get gas for the rest of the week and we really need the bucks or we wouldn’t rent the place out.

How may people have TWO freeloaders living in the same house? (And, yes, I’m including SWMBO’s Son. Wish I could give him an Eviction Notice.)

Tina Standing By...

Found some money in SWMBO’s room when I went looking for the tenant rental agreement, so we stopped by Safeway on the way home and got a couple more tv dinner’s for the rest of the week. Home safe and about to go lay down and read myself into oblivion.

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