TGIF? Normal Day For Me…

Has been a pretty normal (for me) day until the water quit running. I walked up to the pump house and flipped all the switches around (and back to how they were) to no avail. My neighbor is calling the “guy in charge” while his dad is in Thailand. Tried to let the Renters know about it but they’re ignoring my knock. (I know they’re home. Heard them making noise and playing their radio about 10 minutes before knocking.)


As far as that goes: I really think She (the female renter) is just going to ignore the Termination Of Agreement and stay in the MILA. It’s not going to work. If they aren’t out March 31st I’m calling in the law. Even if it means I have to hire a Lawyer (and I absolutely detest Lawyers). I’ll also call INS every day and complain about the Illegal Alien hanging around my house. Next time they start fighting I’m calling the Sheriff and complaining. And there’s more… But don’t get me started.


Not much else going on around here. Partially sunny but a really cool breeze. Dog and I went for a walk. We had a really polite Hail yesterday that lasted about 10 minutes off and on. (Other than that yesterday was completely unremarkable!)


That’s about it for today. Water was back on when SWMBO and I got back from picking her up. We get to sleep in tomorrow! I probably won’t get up until 0630 or so! Woo Hoo!

So, everyone ready to go to war with Russia?

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