Busy Coupla Days. Again.

Spent most of yesterday down in the MILA making one final pass of the kitchen ceiling and walls. About 1800 I took off for Home Depot in Silverdale and bought some new door locks & deadbolts ($50+) before dropping down to pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing. Was tired when I finally got back home.


Spent part of the day pulling up the floor in the Master Bedroom of the MILA so I can replace a couple of the floor boards that the Renters ruined. What a pain to get started! Then I replaced both the door locks but have to take the doors down and make the little inset thingie for the new deadbolts. (Tomorrow! Maybe.)


Then I made a run to Allyn for a used fridge that a lady had for sale ($200). It’s just like the one we have in our kitchen but several years older. Nice and clean and it seems to work great. Course, there’s no connection for the water to it in the MILA (unless I REALLY want to get into the walls!) so the ice maker/water parts won’t work; but I don’t really care until the in-laws move into the place and decide they want that convenience. Luckily SWMBO’s son was home and helped me get the “new” fridge off my truck. (Which did just fine, as usual. That little Ford 4×4 of mine is a really nice truck that’s done everything I’ve asked of it.)


Dang. Forgot to post this last nigh. Was tired…

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