I Really Was Going To Work On

The MILA yesterday. Until around 1100 when my head started hurting so bad I had to lay down. That pretty much wasted my day. The “funny” thing was, though, that when I first woke up around 0515 my eyeballs hurt. No, not the surface of my eyes like when they get too dry; the whole eye (both) hurt like they were swelling up and were too big for their sockets. Never experienced that before. Not even way back before my nose surgery to remove a sinus blockage. (A bone spur was blocking the drainage hole.) Weird.


Today was a totally different day though. Got off my old ass and got most of the MILA bathroom floor put in. Think I have only a couple of small areas to go. Then I get to straighten it all up, finish wiping down all the walls and ceilings, tape everything off I don’t want to spray paint, spray paint whatever color SWMBO chooses, put the molding back on, clean up, and it’ll be done. Another week. Tops. IF I don’t get any more headaches.


I need to get on the garden. Still moving things around and planting things a bit differently this year. Actually expanding it a bit. Gotta stop by Les Schwab’s and get some more old tires. And some more of SWMBO’s special dirt.


Then I need to rent a digger for a couple of days and get started on that back wall we need to buy a couple of hundred of those fancy bricks to build. Want to get everything out of the basement so I can start putting my shop back together. Unless SWMBO wants something different done with the basement; like a family area for when her folks come out to live (which will be ????).


And I still need to pick up all that trash the last Renters left out in the burn pile. Supposed to (really!) rain the next 3 or 4 days before we finally start to get a couple of nice days in a row. I’ll do it then. Naked. (Fuck the Neighbors.)


Went into town today to buy a simple 4 Gig USB drive. Safeway doesn’t carry them and the drug store wanted $20. For a FOUR Gig USB drive. Seemed a bit much to me, so I didn’t get one. Trying to figure out where I can get one on the way home from picking SWMBO up. Who’s gotten off work an hour earlier than usual yesterday and today. Cool!

We be home safe so that’s it for tonight. Y’all have fun!

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