It’s Another Smilin’ Saturday!

Well, I’m pissed that the CEO of Mozilla had to quit because of the damned homo’s objecting to his donating to a certain fund. So I’m uninstalling Firefox and moving to Chrome. (IE doesn’t even get a seconds thought.) Wish I hadn’t just switched to  Thunderbird for my e-mail. From now on I’m supporting every anti-homo cause, organization, or individual that I can find. Fuck ‘em!


Pretty normal Saturday, so far. Renters still haven’t showed up to finish their move-out. They only have about a car load to go (even for their small car) and clean-up and they’re done. Get On It!

My lovely SWMBO got home about 1530 and took me to Famous Dave’s in Silverdale for an early dinner. She had ribs (as usual). I had the catfish thingies, corn on the cob, & tater salad. It was okay; I wouldn’t go back for seconds. Next time I’ll try the BBQ Chicken…


Then she took me to the mall. Bought herself a couple of books at Barns & Noble. Bought me some new tennis shoes at Payless Shoes. Then took me to COSTCO where we really didn’t spend that much. I bought a 3-pack of 16 Gig thumb drives for $30. Not too bad. Three for $15 would have been better.


Made our usual Safeway stop on the way home but really didn’t get much compared to what we usually get there. Got home and put everything away and now we’re just chillin. Renters are downstairs packing up the last of their stuff. Hopefully they’ll clean the place up. They now owe me 5 days rent. Ah well…

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