Wow. Sunny. Almost Nice…

But a bit cool because of the breeze. Otherwise the Dog and I would take off all our clothes and go for a walk in the woods!

What happens when the Dog & I go naked in the woods!

Not much going on. “Confronted” the Renters @ 0900 this morning about me not being able to see them doing anything to actually move. He tried to give me another lie; but I told him flat out that I was really upset AND that if I didn’t see a moving truck parked outside the MILA by 1200 I was calling my Lawyer and getting the ball rolling to lodge a complaint with the Sheriff and the courts. It took him until 1230 but they’re actually loading it now.

Then, about 1300 or so, I saw a PUD3 car out there and watched the guy go over to the MILA meter, open it, do something I couldn’t see, close the box and put one of those lock things on it, get in his car and drive off. Hmmm. Wonder if they still have power? Hope not. They won’t be able to stay another night if not.

Problem is: if they’re way overdue on their power bill, even if they move we’ll have to pay it before they’ll turn it back on at all. Which means we’ll be stuck paying it. Maybe I should hold on to their security deposit until I find out if the bill has been paid. They already owe me 2 days rent out of it and looks like another day or two before they’re completely out.


Managed to walk a mile on the treadmill today; then negated all that good exercise by fixing myself a couple of fried burrito’s for dinner. Felt lazy and hate cooking for just myself. These burrito’s crack me up! On the package they show an open burrito with chunks of chicken and real rice. When you cut into one you get a paste. Tastes okay, but it’s a paste.

And that’s how it was…

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