Damned Rain! Yeah,

You heard me: Damned Rain! How in the HELL can it be so nice one day (like yesterday) and so damned crappy the next (like today)? I can only assume that it’s because I live in WaRshington…

Barbara Eden

So I spent most of the day down in the MILA taping things off in the little bedroom and getting the  Master Bedroom ready for painting. Took the interior doors & hardware off. Removed the closet doors.

Then I ran out of painter’s tape so I had to make a run to McLendon’s (ACE) hardware in town; got the tape and a few more plants for the garden. (No, the tape isn’t for the garden. The plants are.)

And, since it was well after 1500, and I usually eat around 1600, I just went ahead and stopped at DQ and got one of their $5 lunches to go. (It was good!)

Footlight Parade-1933-Chorus girls

Alright. SWMBO is home safe, I’ve crashed a 747 in X-Plane, and it’s time to go lay down for the night.

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