It Was Another Normal Monday!

Pretty much. Got down in the MILA and took all the painter’s tape off everything and pulled up the plastic drop cloths and paper. Started putting the drawers, lighting fixtures, and exhaust fans back in. Oh joy!

2014-05-05 15.54.36

Rained like a DOG here for about half an hour. Flooded my driveway to where it looked like a river running through. No thunder or lightning that I noticed but lots and lots of rain.

Jumped in the truck to go pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing, started the engine, released the emergency brake, put it in reverse, and went no where. Feels like the back wheel on the driver’s side is stuck somehow. Even putting it in 4×4 wouldn’t move the truck more than a couple of inches. I don’t know what’s happening but I need my truck. (MCARC meeting next Saturday.)

2014-05-05 15.54.50

And that’s pretty much my day. Oh, the usual chores got done. In case you were wondering.

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