Except For The Painting…

It was a pretty normal day around here. Finally warmed up around noon so I got to spend some time laying out. Nice. Starting to cloud up now.


The painting was the drawer fronts from the MILA kitchen. Bright Yellow. Again. Or still, I should say. Really doesn’t look bad and it does brighten up that kitchen.


Still haven’t heard from the Lady (Candice) that claimed she wanted to rent the MILA. Supposedly she gave her 30 day notice where she’s presently living and should have moved in June 1st. Nada. So, if I don’t hear from her by Sunday evening I’m going to offer it to that guy at the Vape Shop if he’s still looking for a place to live.


Other than that just not much going on. Had a frozen Lasagna for dinner. (No, it wasn’t frozen when I ate it. Microwave!) Looking for a snack now.

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