Just Another Saturday Around Here.

Which means I didn’t do almost anything different than any other day around here. Lots of mowing. Lots of sitting out in the sun.

Dog and I did take off all our clothes and go for a walk; while mowing the “path” out on the back 40. That was fun.


SWMBO got home about 1600. We decided to just Safeway for dinner; meaning we picked up a few things we need for the week then got some fried chicken & deviled egg tater salad for dinner at home. Afterwards I went and laid out and for a walk along my newly mowed path while she went to play in her room.


Going to a “survival” food tasting party at 1900. I’d like to get about four of those “kits” they offer at Food4Patriots.com for our food storage. Trouble’s a comin’ and I’ll be lucky if it doesn’t come in my lifetime. I expect a hell of a “religious” war against the Muslims to start anytime now. But that’s just me.

Well, that was interesting. We went to a “Thrive” presentation. Freeze-dried food sold in bulk. Kinda sorta spendy, but everything we tasted was good. So SWMBO and I are talking seriously about maybe starting to get things together.


And that’s pretty much it. Nice day. Nice evening. Time to chill to “Tremors 4” before hitting the rack.

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