Again. Pretty normal day around here. Cloudy but quite warm. Nice to lay out.

Made a run to ACE for some string and stuff for field day. Tried the tennis ball gun. Works well! At 80 lbs I shot the tennis ball almost twice as high as the tree I was shooting over; and that’s about 100 feet or so. Couldn’t get the ball to drop all the way to the ground though.


Got my antenna, mount, compressor, and other stuff ready to put in the back of the truck and head out. Tomorrow I have to make the COSTCO run; decided to do it Thursday so I won’t be quite so rushed Friday.

Footlight Parade-1933-Chorus girls

Friday is my 62nd Birthday. Man, I’m getting old. I don’t expect any birthday presents or anything; but it would be nice. (Of Course!) Going to be busy getting to the field day site and taking delivery of the porta potty for the weekend. I’ll have to set up the tent trailer and my radio and everything too. Just gonna stay out there until field day is over on Sunday.


Talked to my friend in Vista, CA (NC7V) on 20-meters today. That was fun. Starting to figure out what to have for dinner. Then I’ll have to get some clothes on to go pick SWMBO up at the Ferry Landing.

And that’s done. She be home safe and downstairs talking to her son. My ears are burning…

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