Started Out The Usual Warshington Morning.

And pretty much stayed that way. Overcast. Breezy. Rain due anytime. Probably won’t be any laying out today! Should put the last coat of (extremely bright yellow) paint on the drawer fronts for the MILA kitchen. Hell, if it’s gonna be a crappy overcast day I might as well get some work done.


Had to make the hard choice as to who to let move in the MILA. Had 3 people cancel wanting to come over and look at it and 2 people that had looked. So, the first couple that looked, who are still interested, are the (lucky?) “winners.” They sound excited when they called after I e-mailed them our decision. They’ll be over tomorrow to sign the paperwork and want to move in by July 1st.

I sure hope this turns out. I hope they’re quiet and pay the rent on time. Other than those two things I really don’t ask for much.

Got my “new” rider-mower from Larry today. It works pretty good but does NOT like tall grass. Bogs down and quits. So, I still have to get SWMBO to initially cut where she considers the “lawn” then set myself a schedule for weekly cuts with the rider-mower. Luckily it’s only during the summer that the grass goes crazy growing.


And that’s pretty much it for today. We be home from picking SWMBO up. She had us stop at McDonald’s on the way home. Now we’re just chillin’.

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