Welcome To Monday! Blech! :)

I don’t know what it was, but I got sick last night. Ached all over. Abdominal aches. The Runs. Was freezing enough to put the electric heating pad on me when I went to bed. I think it was cumulative effects of being away this weekend and spending a lot of time out in the rain. Plus I did most (well, all) the cooking for Field Day and spent the weekend stuffed with Burgers & Dogs & Chicken. And not sleeping that much. I think it just wore me down.


But, I’m old. Sixty-Two now. Damn! But I do feel a LOT better today and am looking forward to the projected 80 degrees. I’ll probably lay out to thaw out from this last weekend. (I’d lay out anyway even if this last weekend was also 80+ degrees. That’s me. Solar Powered!)


So, got out and watered/weeded the garden. Rode the rider-mower around the back yard. Took a walk around the back 40. Made myself some Chicken-fried-rice for lunch. Also mowed the back yard and about half the path around the back 40. About to get out and clean the tent-trailer so I can pack it back up. I’d mow the front-side yard but the neighbors would insist that I put my clothes on. Buttheads.


Other than all the things I’ve mentioned not much going on around here. Need to get SWMBO’s son to help me get the generator off the truck. Need to mow the rest of the path we walk around the property. Gotta call a friend back and walk her through updating her virus protection on her computer. Have to take the mower (and some money) over to Larry’s house tomorrow and get the part we bought put on.

Why The Hell Did I Retire? Luckily it’s supposed to be sunny and hot all week!

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